IDXManager IDX FTP Data Import
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IDXManager | IDX FTP Developer Solutions

Our flexible and proven IDXManager™ add-on software is avaliable for use on Open-Realty® websites that are privately hosted. This is the ideal solution for anyone already running their own server, or who already has access to great hosting accounts and wants to have the ability to import from a compatible MLS IDX FTP repository into Open-Realty®, without paying ongoing monthly fees.

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IDXManager | DIY (Do It Yourself) Package

This (Do It Yourself) option is for mid to advanced developers who are very comfortable with installing and modifying PHP website software applications, and who have worked extensively with mySQL and Open-Realty®
Configuring the IDXManager add-on software to work with your client's MLS's IDX FTP repository can sometimes be an involved process which will depend entirely on how much information your client's MLS provides you, how accurate that information is, and how much time you have already spent reviewing and examining the raw listing data files. Be prepared to spend 5-20 hours investigating, obtaining information from the MLS, and creating the initial (100% web form based) data mapping template for the MLS's IDX FTP repository. With a DIY package you are purchasing a perpetual license to use the IDXManager™ add-on software, but you are also completely responsible for all configuration and setup of the software.