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IDXManager | Free Compatibility Assurance

We offer a free compatibility assurance check to make sure that your MLS's IDX FTP repository is compatible with our software. Each MLS's IDX FTP repository is different, so it is very important that you take full advantage of our free compatibility evaluation. If you purchase our software or services and your MLS's IDX data, photos and method of delivering both passed our compatibility assurance test, and yet our software proves to be incapable of working with your MLSs data, you are entitled to a full refund for the software and any setup fees, assuming our support staff is able to verify the incompatibility exists, and we are unable to provide a timely solution. Please understand that if you elect not to have a compatibility assurance done for your IDX FTP repository and purchase a software license, you will forfeit any refund in the event that our software is not compatible with your MLS's IDX FTP repository.

IDXManager | DIY (Do It Yourself) Package

This option is for mid to advanced developers who are very comfortable with installing and modifying PHP applications on a website, and who work extensively with MySQL. Configuring our software to work with your client's IDX can sometimes be a long process that depends entirely on how much information your MLS provides, so please be prepared to spend 5-20 hours investigating, obtaining information from your MLS, and creating the initial (100% form based) data mapping template for your IDX repository. With this option you are purchasing a perpetual license to use our software, but you are also then completely responsible for all configuration and setup of the software to work with your MLS IDX FTP repository.
DIY License
(supports 1 IDX FTP repository)
Includes 1 year of free upgrades and premium email support.

One-Time: $395.00
Open-Realty® 3.x Compatible
Additional Features
Allow import from an additional IDX FTP server.
All repositories must be tested for support to ensure compatiblity with a multiple repository setup
Additional one-year software upgrades & support.
$150/ additional IDX FTP repository