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IDXManager | Server Requirments

Successfully importing data from an outside source like an IDX FTP repository is something that you must absolutely understand will be a daily, mission-critical process essential for the correct operation of your client's web site. It is very, very, unwise to attempt to install and operate the IDXManager™ add-on and Open-Realty® using budget web hosting accounts that are inadequate, unreliable, and/or overshared. VPS/VDS hosting accounts from an experienced and reputable provider who specializes in business hosting should always be used at a minimum. A dedicated server may be required for larger databases. The larger the number of listings, fields, and photos per listing that the IDXManager™ add-on has to import and manage, the more server resources the add-on as well as Open-Realty® will require.
The IDXManager™ add-on requires the following:

  • Unix/Apache (POSIX) based web hosting platform. (Windows-based hosting not supported)
  • Clean install of Open-Realty v3.1 or greater.
  • PHP v5.0 - v5.3.x (with the following modules)
  • PHP CURL support enabled
  • PHP OpenSSL support enabled
  • PHP FTP and FOPEN/FREAD functions enabled.
  • PHP PEAR libraries
  • PHP ionCube loader
  • mySQL v5 or higher. Your Open-Realty┬« database must also have mySQL FILE permissions.
  • Your Open-Realty┬« database user must be able to execute the mySQL "LOAD DATA INFILE" command.
  • Ability to change your Apache Timeout Value
  • Ability to change your php.ini file
  • Ability to create CRON jobs that can use CURL (optional, for automating all processes)
  • Ability to make outbound connections from your server to HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP servers.