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TransparentRETS | RETS Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So does this thing really automatically download all my MLS's listings and images so I don't have to manually update my website with listing information?

A: Yes. It was designed to import RETS listing data and photos into your Open-Realty® website. It must be noted that in most areas the RETS database that is available may not be a 100% representation of all available MLS listings in that area, because RETS is based completely on Listing Office participation.

Q: Will my MLS's RETS listing information work with your system?

A: As long as the server you need to connect to is RETS Compliant TransparentRETS will be able to retrieve the listing data and photos. A RETS Compliant Server needs to support version 1.5, 1.7, or 1.7.2 of the RETS specification. If you are not sure of what version of RETS is being used or if it is certified as compliant, contact the MLS you wish to connect to.

Q: Do I need to do anything to obtain the MLS listings, or are you providing them as a service?

A: You will need to possess login credentials (username and password) for the MLS's RETS server that you want to connect to, and any informational materials they may provide. Obtaining credentials may require that you submit an application/paperwork with the MLS. Transparent Tech does not provide MLS listings and cannot obtain MLS listings or permission to access MLS listings on your behalf.

Q: Will this site be completely customizable? I already have a design that I want to use, and don't want a "cookie-cutter" web site.

A: Yes. Open-Realty® uses a well-established HTML template system, and it is easy to adapt an existing site or design. Just about all aspects of the display layer are completely customizable.

Q: Will my Open-Realty® web site using RETS rank better with the search engines?

A: Most definitely! Unlike other solutions for Real Estate that use <frames> or are hosted by a 3rd party, we designed our solution to operate under your domain name ( so that all page views, visitor statistics/feedback, and search engine spider results are all generated, tracked, and centralized completely within your web site. Depending on the number of RETS listings available from your MLS, you will have literally hundreds if not tens of thousands of unique and search engine spider-able real estate pages available as candy whenever they visit, not to mention a wealth of self-service information available to your site visitors and potential clients. .

Q: Can I decide what fields of listing information are displayed on the site? I don't want to display the phone numbers of competing Agents for instance.

A: Yes. You have 100% control of what listing fields are displayed or hidden. Check with your local RETS usage rules to see what fields you absolutely must display.

Q: Can I add my own additional listings to the listings available on my site?

A: Yes. However, many MLS services have rules stating that you cannot co-mingle MLS listings and non-MLS listings. Check your local MLS service's RETS usage rules for specific details. Otherwise, you are not restricted by our software from adding an unlimited number of listings.

Q: Will my listing search page be completely customizable, meaning can I choose what fields are searchable?

A: Yes. There can at times however, be limitations to what fields you can and cannot search against because the quality of data provided by the MLS is inconsistent. Since the control of providing consistent data is in the hands of the MLS, therein would lie the solution if a field you wanted to be searchable, for some reason could not be made searchable. Otherwise, the listing search page can be setup to be nearly as simple, or as complicated as you wish.

Q: What if my MLS changes things around, do I have to buy everything all over again?

A: No. Our software is RETS Compliant, so as long as your MLS changes to another RETS Compliant server, you will still be able to communicate with it after making simple settings chnges in the software.