RETS Real Estate Transaction Standard
TransparentRETS RETS Data Import

TransparentRETS | MLS Compatibility

TransparentRETS is guaranteed to be compatible* with ALL certified compliant RETS v1.5, v1.7, and v1.7.2 servers, and will import listing data and listing photos into Open-Realty® using the RETS server's Property and Photo/Media Resources respectively.

If you are unsure what version of RETS your target MLS is using, or if their RETS server is compliant, you should be able to obtain that information directly from the MLS or their RETS server vendor.

*RETS is a published standard. We offer a limited money-back guarantee should TransparentRETS prove to be incompatible when it is operated using hosting that is adequate for the task and connected to a compliant RETS server that is using one of the published RETS specification versions listed above. We will issue a full refund of the license cost should that incompatibility be due to a failure of our software to comply with the published RETS specification at issue and we cannot correct it promptly. This guarantee does not apply when TransparentRETS is connected to RETS servers that are using improvised methods not published in the applicable RETS specification, i.e. servers that are not RETS compliant.