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TransparentMaps | Overview

TransparentMaps™ uses the Google Maps API to embed maps into various Open-Realty® pages. The maps have several template tags available to them and are fully configurable through the Add-on Configuration
  1. Search Results Map - Embed a map to display the search results on an embedded map.
  2. Listing Show Map - Embed a map on the listing detail to show a map of the listing.
  3. Listings in the area - Embed a map on the listing detail page to show listings within a configured distance from the current listing.
  4. Agent Listings Map - Embed a map on the agent detail page to show a map of all of an agent's listings.
  5. Fully Configurable - Addon configuration similar to Open-Realty's configuration, allows changes to the layout and fields in the pop up info windows, size of maps, if a link should be a pop up or an inline link and various other options.
  6. Icons per property class - Marker icon colors are changeable per property class and allow you to have different marker colors for each property class. Marker icons for up to 25 property classes are included.
  7. Geocoding of listings - When listings are to be displayed on the map they are checked for lat/long data, if the listing does not have lat/long data filled in, the listing is geocoded and the lat/long data is stored to the listing database to speed up future rendering of maps displaying that listing.
  8. Geocode all listings - A function that can be called via a server CRON job to geocode any listings without lat/long data, or can be called via the browser as well. If a large number of listings are added this will ensure they all have lat/long data set in the database to speed up map rendering.
  9. Street View Support - Show Google Street Views on your map.
  10. Direction Finding Support - Give site visitors the ability to find directions to or from an property.