RETS Real Estate Transaction Standard
TransparentRETS RETS Data Import

TransparentRETS | Server Requirments

First, please bear in mind that importing data from an outside source like a RETS server should be something that you absolutely understand will be a mission-critical process essential for the correct operation of your web site. Therefore, it is unwise to attempt to use the TransaprentRETS addon with giveaway or super-budget web hosting accounts that are not reliable or are overshared. The larger the amount of listings and photos per listing that the TransparentRETS add-on has to manage, the more server resources it will require from a web hosting account.
The TransparentRETS add-on requires the following:

  • Unix/Apache (POSIX) based web hosting platform.
  • Fresh install of Open-Realty v3 or greater.
  • PHP 5.5 or 5.6 (with the following modules)
    • PHP SimpleXML
    • PHP CURL
    • PHP OpenSSL
  • MySQL 5.5+
  • PHP ionCube Loaders
  • Ability to create CRON jobs that can use CURL (optional, but very desirable) for automating all import processes.
  • Ability to change your APACHE Timeout Value
  • Ability to make outbound connections from your server to HTTP, HTTPS, and RETS servers that use non-standard ports other than 80 or 443